Niuean women celebrate International Women’s day

Balance for Better is the theme for International Women’s Day.

A networking breakfast for women in Niue was hosted by Niue’s Chamber of Commerce and Scenic Matavai Resort this morning which was attended by many, helping kick start the celebrations.

Niue is the smallest country to partake in the celebrations globally.

The international women’s day color is purple and as explained by Niue’s Chamber of Commerce Rae Finlay blue represents calm, red for fierce which when combined becomes purple.

At this morning’s networking event, keynote speakers included Ida Talagi, Gaylene Tasmania, Alana Tukuniu, Rupina Morrisey, Coral Pasisi, and Members of Parliament Maureen Melekitama and Vaiga Tukuitoga.

Not only did the woman illuminate the room with their purple gowns but with presenters delivering enlightening, serious and spiritual messages and a happy ambience leaving attendees and also single male photographer uplifted to take on the day’s task.

Ida Talagi and Alana Tukuniu stressed the essence of well being.  Well being to Ida meant spiritual, emotional and physical balance.  While a woman does leave home, what is on her mind throughout the day is the many tasks – family, work, community.

Alana stressed spending one hour to yourself daily for self care for women.

Each spoke of taking care of one’s self and how critical this was to the lives of all women.

While the theme focused on “balance” pertaining to gender, one key speaker Gaylene Tasmania recognized the growth and status of women in Niue but highlighted attention needed for men’s health.  She gave the example of boys making 100% in numbers in intervention classes at the school, and then apparent differences too at prize giving ceremonies now with girls being the majority recipients.

Gaylene revealed women are recorded as high in number in health statistics and that’s because they’re the only ones visiting hospitals with often the men asking for prescriptions via their female counterparts.

The worrying signs come from her as a worried parent.  She allowed raising awareness of the issue to come through to the captive audience.

Gaylene Believes we can empower women by empowering men through education.

Tomorrow the Niue National Council of Women will celebrate the day from 9.30am to mark the day here in Niue.

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