Glen Jackson’s single Valaloto reaches NZ’s top 20 chart singles

Glen Jackson’s single Valaloto translated “Piece of You” currently sits in the NZ’s top 20 chart singles.

As a new entry to the charts, his song sits at 18 of the top 20 current NZ singles as of this week March 4th.

It was a humbling feeling for Glen to have been informed that his song produced in Niue had reached the charts.

The fact that it was sung in Vagahau was regarded as the biggest win for him.

Glen is the first Niuean living in Niue to be recognized on the charts.

With thanks to modern social media platforms Glen’s music can be promoted further and faster than he can.  With thanks to spotify, Facebook and in this case with the official NZ music charts – instagram alongside his fan base, he was informed by the NZ Charts of his new entry.

Glen had many to thank for helping him compose the song which sits at number 18 currently on the NZ charts.  

Glen joins other Niuean artist Pauly Fuemana to have made the charts.  

Pauly and his group Otara Millionaires Club best known as OMC’s single “How Bizarre” fast became a NZ chart topper and won the award for “Single of the Year” at the 1996 New Zealand Music Awards.

In 2002 the song “How Bizarre” was named as the 71st greatest one-hit wonder of all time on a VH1 countdown.

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