MBA programme now offered at Niue’s USP campus

Traveling all the way to Fiji to study a Masters in Business Administration at the University of the South Pacific will now be a thing of the past.

Traveling all the way to Fiji to study a Masters in Business Administration at the University of the South Pacific will now be a thing of the past.

That’s because the MBA programme will now be offered here at the Niue campus.

Classes for the MBA programme will begin in Niue from the 13th of May this year.
“ I have seen  Niue has not been part of the programme. One student from Niue came and do the programme in Fiji but I believe this is the time that is right and I put it in my work plan that 2019 i will come down to Niue and share this important project that the university has to sign to help and assist our Pacific people.” said Dr Hala Rohorua – MBA Coordinator USP

“Our programme is offered in Laucala campus in Suva, in Lautoka and Labasa in Fiji, out of Suva. We are currently running the programme in Cook Islands , in Tuvalu, in Kiribati, in Solomon islands , in Vanuatu, and we are currently planning to start here in Niue in May ,in Samoa again, and in august our plan to start also another cohort in Tonga and in the Solomon islands and Marshall islands, Papua New Guinea is also interested in the delivery of our programme , they are part of what we plan for 2019.”

The MBA Programme consists of 12 courses.

“Before the MBA you usually do twelve courses before you are given a qualification as MBA. So having journeyed through with the programme teaching it in Suva and mainly outside of Suva, I have seen some of the students who have completed some of the units yet they get no qualification because they have to wait to complete the twelve units so we decided to do what is called a staircase where you complete three units, and you get a postgraduate certificate in business administration. You add on another three units and then you will get a post graduate diploma and then do your final six and you get your MBA. So the difference now is instead of waiting to graduate with your MBA at twelve units, you will graduate with a postgraduate certificate, then a post graduate diploma and also with your MBA at the end of the course.” Said Dr Hala Rohorua

Classes will be delivered face to face.

“Our lecturers come from all over the world who are willing to offer their expertise, to come here to Niue, and deliver the programme at the same time so the mode of delivery is face to face it’s not the person is in Suva or somewhere no we are here, 7 days a week , 24 hours to allow the delivery of the programme full time  4 or 5 weeks for every course , so a person will be here in Niue where they can help the students, help the government for anybody whoever project relates to the area of their expertise at the same time.”

Enrollment for the MBA programme is now open and will close on the 30th of March.


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