Premier returns to Niue

Premier Sir Toke Talagi is back on the island.

Sir Toke Talagi arrived into the country on Monday February 25th. He was greeted by his family at the airport.

Sir Talagi has been in New Zealand recovering from his medical treatment from November last year.

The Premier recently told BCN News he’ll be back after the doctor gives him the clearance

Returning to work on Tuesday, Sir Toke Talagi expressed his gratitude to the people for their support.

“ I’m still a bit fragile , physically, mentally I’m fine, physically I maybe still about 70 – 80 percent but I would like to thank everybody for their prayers and words of support and because I value that  and I value the fact that they had rightfully and my family while we were there. I won’t go into the details of what happened, but suffice to say that I’m happy to be back. I will gradually move myself into position where I will start picking up on work but in the meantime I’ve got to take it easy, the doctors want me to come home and recuperate and recuperation is part of this” said Sir Talagi

While recovering in Auckland, Sir Toke Talagi said he was assisting with work at home through online correspondence, responding to donors and seeking business opportunities for Niue.

“I talked to the Australian High Commission to find out what they are doing. I talked to a number of other people, looking at basically the funding for some of the projects we have here but not just that, I was also helping our cabinet here with planning for the roading for example. I believe that now that Avatele is done and everybody is happy at Avatele and we’re moving north, everybody started to realize that there is a programme in place. I’m very pleased to see finally with us getting these things done. All is ask sometimes is that please look after the roads don’t drive too fast. Doesn’t help anybody you just create more problems and it’ll be hard for us to go back.” said the Premier

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