Today’s Road Work Update

From Makefu village and Alofi North, the final layer of seal in the area, the road will be strictly half  open until further notice.

Pending good weather today, road work will continue today and tomorrow from the Tuila Power Station through Kamiti junction heading south to V.Funaki Residential (TOA area). Roads will be Strictly closed to allow for the final sealing layer until further notice in these areas.

From Makefu village and Alofi North final layer of seal will be done in this area. The road will be strictly half open until further notice.

The Public Service building front Car Park is under construction in preparation for the new Chip sealing. All road users are advised to keep the area clear until further notice.

There will be street light cable trenching in Alofi South and Alofi North in preparation to install street lights.

All road users are asked to slow down and be aware of heavy machinery operating in the area.

Call 4297 or 4644 for any further enquirers. 

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