Celebrating World Meteorological Day with Niue Primary School

Niue MET Services at Niue Primary School celebrating World Meteorological Day 2024

The Niue Meteorological Services celebrated World Meteorological Day 2024 with the Niue Primary School today. 

World Meteorological Day is commemorated each year on the 23rd March marking the day when the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) was established in 1950. 

The theme for this year is At the Frontline of Climate Action

Niue MET Services have chosen to celebrate the World Meteorological Day a few days earlier than expected due to the 23rd March falling in the weekend.

Senior MET Officer Robert Togiamana says that they are happy to host the primary school children for this year’s WMO day. He iterated the importance of educating our children on the impacts of climate change. 

This morning the Niue MET team together with meteorological officers from Australia and RedCross were at the primary school. Children from ECE and Years 1 to 4 went on a field trip led by the MET team today. 

They were able to visit the Vaipapahi Farm, the climate weather station at Liku, Sir Roberts Wharf and the Meteorological Services office.

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