Premier Tagelagi on the Proposed Amendments of the Niue Constitution

Premier of Niue Hon. Dalton Tagelagi

The Chair of the Constitution Review Committee Hon. Billy Talagi, and the Committee convened a session on Monday seeking insights from Premier Hon. Dalton Tagelagi, regarding the proposed amendments to Article 2 of the Niue Constitution. 

According to the government press release issued yesterday, the focus of the discussion centred on increasing the number of Ministers in Cabinet, alongside the proposed method for amendment and the envisaged direction for the expansion.

Premier Tagelagi outlined the fundamental reasons behind the proposed amendment, emphasising the need to address the existing imbalance in the decision-making capacity within Cabinet. 

Premier Tagelagi further elaborated on the reasoning behind the proposed expanded Executive,emphasising the facilitation of quicker decision-making during crises, informed decision-making through specialised knowledge inclusion, and improved coordination within the public service and community.

In his concluding remarks, Premier Tagelagi emphasised the progressive nature of self-government and advocated against stagnation, urging a responsive approach to societal demands. 

Premier Tagelagi emphasised the importance of collective progress and collaboration towards a prosperous future for Niue.

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