First Sitting of the Fono Ekepule for 2024

The 18th Assembly pass the first reading of the four Constitution Amendment Bills yesterday

The first sitting of the 18th Niue Legislative Assembly for 2024 took place yesterday. 

Premier Hon. Dalton Tagelagi and Cabinet Ministers including Minister for Infrastructure Hon. Crossley Tatui, Minister for Natural Resources Hon. Esa Mona Ainuu and Minister for Social Services Hon. Sonya Talagi presented their statements. 

The Premier as Minister of Police presented to the Fono the Niue Sexual Offences Amendment Bill 2024 for its first reading and was referred to the parliamentary Bill’s committee. 

The Social Services Committee, Constitution Review Committee and House Committee also presented their reports. 

The Chair of the Constitution Review Committee Hon. Billy Talagi presented a proposed timeline when the Fono Ekepule can expect to discuss the proposed amendments, a process that is expected to take several months. Hon. Talagi said that with the approval and endorsement of the Fono Ekepule, the public referendum may possibly take place at the same time as the Village Council Election in August.  

One motion was presented by Common Roll Member Hon. O’Love Tauveve Jacobsen seeking the support of the Assembly to call on Premier Tagelagi to put in place a proper and legal process for the appointment of MAMs or Members Assisting a Minister until the necessary changes are made to reflect in the Constitution of Niue 1974. 

The motion was defeated.

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