NCEA preliminary results 2023 showed 6 students dropped out and 8 students achieved Excellence Endorsement in Vagahau Niue for Level 1

Niue High School Principal Mr Charles Ioane presenting the NCEA preliminary results 2023

The New Zealand Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) preliminary results for 2023 were released at the education day yesterday. 

Niue High School Principal Mr Charles Ioane presented the 2023 results which showed a general decrease compared to 2022 overall. 

NCEA Level 1 results last year showed that 16 out of the 30 students passed level 1 which is 53 percent who passed. This was a major drop compared to the 92 percent who passed Level 1 in 2022.

Three students passed with Merit Endorsement and 12 with Achieve.

At the start of the year for NCEA Level 1, there were a total of 36 students rostered on the Year 11 school roll. However it dropped to 29 by the end of year due to 6 students who dropped out during the year and one was a part-time student. 

According to Principal Ioane, these students dropped out around the same time. The school contacted the parents and caregivers of these students but were unsuccessful in recovering the dropouts. 

For NCEA Level 2, 23 out of 27 students passed which is 85 percent of those who passed. This increased by 6 from a 79 percent pass rate in 2022.

There was no loss to the Year 12 student roll for NCEA Level 2. Six students passed with Merit and 17 with Achieve Endorsement. 

For NCEA Level 3 results showed 14 out of 19 students passed which is a 74 percent passing rate. This dropped by four from 78 percent pass rate in 2022 for NCEA level 3. 

The school year started with 22 total students. It dropped to 19 at the end of the year which included one adult student who returned to complete NCEA Level 3, two students were overseas the entire year and one student enrolled very late in the year. 

Only one student achieved Excellence Endorsement, three for Merit and 10 for Achieve in NCEA Level 3. 

Out of the 19 students, only 8 students achieved University Entrance (UE). This is an increase from a 35 percent pass rate in 2022 to 42 percent in 2023 for UE. 

Principal Ioane said the general decrease in results last year was to be expected especially with the pilot changes to NCEA that took place last year for four subjects including Vagahau Niue, English, Maths and Science. 

Out of the 26 subjects across NCEA Levels 1 to 3, a total of 83 students passed Achieve Endorsement, 19 students achieved Merit and 10 students achieved Excellence Endorsement. 

2023 was also the first year that the Vagahau Niue subject had received the highest number of Excellence Endorsements which were 8 students.

Principal Ioane congratulated the Vagahau Niue department for an excellent achievement. 

In his presentation, Principal Ioane emphasised the importance of NCEA literacy and numeracy. Without literacy and numeracy, students can not achieve their NCEA level qualifications whether it be Level 1 or 3, said Principal Ioane. 

“As you are aware, there were a lot of changes to literacy and numeracy for NCEA. We are trying our best to learn those and getting our students to learn literacy and numeracy.” 

“This starts from ECE all the way to High School. I always believe that by the time students get to high school and they are struggling with literacy and numeracy, it’s a little bit late. We need to address it early.” 

Principal Ioane and his team are looking forward to improving the results from previous years and to help the students achieve better results especially in literacy and numeracy. 

The Department of Education has announced that school term one for 2024 is due to commence next Monday 29 January. 

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