Niue Covid 19 Updates

The Health Department would like to remind the public of the importance of Isolating at home if you have tested positive. 

With five days away from Christmas, the number of active cases of Covid-19 in the community is still quite high. According to the Public Health division, there are 22 reported active cases of covid 19 in the community. Four people have recovered from covid. 

Health officials are continuing to remind members of the public to isolate at home if you test positive with covid and to be kind to one another.

Health officials are also aware that there are people who have tested positive and intentionally spreading COVID to others in the community.

Since March 2022, Niue has recorded a total of 933 cases of covid-19. From this number, a total of 911 have recovered.

Contact the Niue public health department for more information and assistance or follow the official website for more information.

Test kits are also available at the hospital for anyone who needs them if they are showing flu like symptoms.

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