Kerri Faiaoga Puheke wins Dux of Niue Primary School

Kerri Faiaoga Puheke wins the Niue Primary School Dux award for 2023,. The prize was awarded on Friday last week at the schools Prize-giving day. 

Kerri Puheke is the daughter of Hikitogia and Nicola Puheke of Tamakautoga. 

In second place was Tagitose Tohovaka from Hakupu, Tagi is the son of Shane and Tasha Tohovaka. 

Left to right: Lihena Hekau, Tagitose Tohovaka and Kerri Puheke, Dux of Niue Primary School 2023

And in third place was Lihena Hekau of Alofi North, Lihena is the daughter of Jerrad and Shanta Hekau. 

Congratulations to Kerri Puheke on winning Dux this year and to all the year 6 students of Niue Primary School who will be moving to Niue High School next year. 

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