‘Daughter of Niue’ Jacinda Ardern turns up in support of Niuean initiative in New York “Pacific peoples are just the greatest ambassadors on Climate Change but also the greatest ambassadors of Climate Solutions”

Daughter of Niue, former New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern with Coral Pasisi, founder of Tofia Niue and her brother Brendan Pasisi, Project Manager of Niue Ocean Wide at the launch of the Niue Ocean Conservation Commitments in New York earlier this week

At the launch of the world first Niue Ocean Conservation Commitments in New York, former New Zealand Prime Minister and Daughter of Niue Jacinda Ardern spoke fondly of her support for the Niue initiative.

Ardern said it was such an honour to be there as a private citizen and only one hat on “As a humble and proud daughter of Niue”.

Addressing Premier Dalton Tagelagi, former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said this initiative shows the deep passion and commitment to Niue but also for the Blue Pacific. “What you’re doing here is so emblematic of what we need to do for our region and I hope that this shines like a beacon and demonstrates what’s possible.

“There’s so much hope and optimism and drive and motivation in the Pacific. You are at the frontline of Climate Change and you’re at the frontline of natural disasters but I have never encountered working amongst peoples who are so connected to their land and so connected to their moana, their ocean. So connected to the species that have supported their ancestors for generations, who know their history, their culture and see the daily impact that the changing environment that’s happening.

“That is why Pacific peoples are just the greatest ambassadors on Climate Change but also the greatest ambassadors of climate solutions so to be able to support a home-grown initiative from a place that I love so dearly and always felt a bit of a second home is just an honour and a privilege”, said Prime Minister Ardern.

In her final remarks she invited the people in the room to visit Niue to see for themselves saying “The opportunity awaits you all. I cannot recommend enough as an experience. It will just deepen your commitment to this project”

Laughter filled the room as Ardern explained that they will have to apologise to their employers and families that because of the flight schedule they should plan to be in Niue for at least three to seven days.

In ending Jacinda Ardern thanked all who will be supporting this Niue home-grown initiative “Thank you everyone who’re supporting this project. I so look forward to seeing it flourish and demonstrating to small island nations what is possible and demonstrating to larger nations what is possible”.

The Project Manager of Niue Ocean Wide, Brendon Pasisi told BCN News that they were very happy to have the support of the former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at the event.

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