Police confirm no suspicious circumstances with vehicle engulfed in flames on Saturday night

Vehicle damaged by fire on Saturday night, no suspicious circumstances said Chief of Police.

The Police are finalising their investigation into an incident where a vehicle burst into flames in central Alofi on Saturday night. The Chief Timothy Wilson confirming to BCN News this morning that there are no suspicious circumstances and thankfully no one was hurt in the accident.  

It’s understood the driver was driving out of the Commercial Centre car park around 7pm on Saturday night when the vehicle caught fire, he acted quickly, exiting the vehicle and move away to the nearby church building.

BCN News obtained videos taken by several people who were at the area when the incident happened, showing a vehicle engulfed in flames before the Police arrived and videos taken when the Fire Rescue Services arrived and put the fire out.

Chief of Police Timothy Wilson told BCN News that thankfully no one was injured, the driver safely exited the vehicle before it burst into flames at the busy entrance to the Commercial Centre car park. 

The incident caused quite a bit of excitement in central Alofi but the burning vehicle was quickly put out and removed from the scene at the entrance to the car park which is usually one of the busiest parts of the road in Alofi.

Sources told BCN News that the vehicle involved in this incident was not an electric vehicle (EV).

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