Niue Tourism revives ‘Rally of the Rock’ post-pandemic

The Rally of the Rock, a long-distance race for mountain bikes, which took place yesterday saw a lot of great potential and competitive local bikers but only those who completed each of the five stages in the fastest time possible took out the top placings. 

For the womens category, coming in first place was Sariah Magaoa from Lakepa, second place went to Victoria Posimani-Kalauni and third place to Julie Faitala both from Tuapa village.

For the mens category, all high school students, leading number one was Apisinia Fakaotimanava-Lui from Alofi and Lakepa, second place went to Chadson Siakimotu from Avatele and third place went to Malachi Filipo Bourke from Hakupu. 

Back left to right: Apisinia Fakaotimanava-Lui, Chadson Siakimotu, Malachi Filipo Bourke – Front left to right: Sariah Magaoa, Victoria Posimani-Kalauni and Juliana Faitala | Photo credits: Niue Tourism

Rally of the Rock 2023 Final Results

Open Womens (15 years+)

1st Place – Sariah Magaoa (1hr 24min 36sec)

2nd Place – Victoria Posimani-Kalauni (1hr 36min 19sec)

3rd Place – Juliana Faitala (1hr 48min 12sec)

Open Mens (15 years+)

1st Place – Apisinia Fakaotimanava-Lui (1hr 17min 13sec)

2nd Place – Chadson Siakimotu (1hr 17min 41sec)

3rd Place – Malachi Filipo Bourke (1hr 21min 59sec) 

The Rally of the Rock has been an ongoing tradition of the island organised by Niue Tourism but due to the global pandemic, it hit a pause for a few years but has now returned with this year’s focus on the local market. 

A total of 24 local competitors participated yesterday who covered a distance of 32 kilometres biking from Mutalau to Avatele. 

The Rally of the Rock began at the Mutalau village green early yesterday morning. 

There were five speed stages. The first stage began from Mutalau to Lakepa. The second stage was from Lakepa through to Alofi stopping midway at Kokakoka. Third stage went on to Paliati Niue High School, where the fourth stage began going through Hakupu road reaching the bush track for the final stage five going to Talamaitoga, Avatele. 

The main goal for competitors was to finish each of the five stages with the fastest time possible. The rally was only open for those aged 15 years and over.

According to Niue Tourism Director Micah Fuhiniu-Viviani, “Niue Tourism are happy to have the Rally event happening again post covid.”

“This year saw 24 local competitors take on the challenge and we look forward to building on this number next year as the event will also be marketed overseas to attract overseas visitors to participate. Congratulations to all who took part in the Rally event.”

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