Cyclone season comes to an end

Niue Meteorological Services Director Mrs Rossy Mitiepo yesterday announced the end of the Niue Tropical Cyclone Season which started in November last year until the 30th of April this year. 

Mrs Mitiepo thanked the public for taking heed of the advice from her department but she cautioned that even though the season has ended, cyclones although rare can still occur outside of the season. 

According to the Director of MET Services, the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) status for Niue is currently neutral. 

This means we are in neither El Niño nor La Niña. 

However, there are signs El Niño may form later in the year, says Mrs Mitiepo. The El Niño period would be expecting below normal rainfall, dry conditions or drought. 

There is also a high risk of tropical cyclones or intense cyclones can be expected during El Niño period. Hence why the El Niño Watch is currently in place. 

“In order to plan ahead, preparation needs to begin now for dry conditions and cyclone season. Or strengthen our current cyclone plans,” says Director of MET Services Rossy Mitiepo.

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