Covid 19 numbers climb slowly after weeks of zero cases

Several nurses from Samoa will arrive next month to help with the staff shortage at the Health Department

There are eleven active cases of Covid-19 on the island after four new active cases were detected yesterday and one recovery.

According to the Head of Public Health Grizelda Mokoia, of the four new cases, two are household close contacts and the other two are community cases. 

Mokoia said that the message remains for people to test if they have flu like symptoms and to report the positive status to the Health Department. People with flu symptoms should also be wearing masks if they are in public places where other people gather. 

Free test kits are available at the Niuefoou Hospital. 

The latest number of cases reappeared ten days ago, on the 20th of May when two people tested positive after a public gathering at the Taoga Niue auditorium, after several weeks of zero cases since end of March this year.

Since then the number of cases are slowly increasing again prompting the health officials to remind people to practice protection against Covid 19.

People are also encouraged to get their flu vaccine available at the hospital.

In the meantime, the eleven active cases are in self isolation for five days and those in close contact with them are required to do daily tests for five days.

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