All travel restrictions lifted as the island returns to zero cases of Covid-19

Niueans having to ask passengers to give up their seats so they can attend sudden family funerals in Auckland due to full Air New Zealand flights until mid-October

It has been three years since the borders closed and travel restrictions came into effect, as of last week, effective as of 30th March the government issued travel advisory number 20 announcing that all travelers to Niue are no longer required to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

Travelers are not required to provide evidence of adequate travel insurance although it is highly recommended for all visitors to Niue have some form of travel insurance.

Starting with the passengers that arrived on today’s flight, travellers are no longer required to complete the Niue Traveller Declaration.

Starting this month, from today’s flight all travelers to Niue are encouraged to undertake self-administered Rapid-Antigen-Tests (RATs) on Day 1 and Day 3 after arrival in Niue.

Also, with immediate effect, the isolation period for positive Covid-19 cases ‘shall be a minimum of five days’.

This is the first time since 17th March 2020 when Cabinet ordered the first travel restrictions, restricting travel to people from other countries other than New Zealand.

There are now zero cases on the island as updated by the government’s Covid-19 dashboard this afternoon.

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