Niue Tourism helps to renovate shower facilities for the Niue Yacht Club

Yachts moored at Alofi Bay, Photo Credit - Niue Yacht Club

As the island slowly returns to normal and tourists are returning to our shores, the Niue tourism office (NTO) is also ramping up support and preparation for the local tourist industry.

This week, the Director of Niue Tourism Micah Fuhiniu-Viviani confirmed that part of this support is towards the facilities for the yachting sector of the industry.

“Tourism is working on improving the facilities for visitors arriving via the sea”, said Fuhiniu-Viviani

In October last year, the government announced the decision to open up Niue’s border restrictions for the seafarers allowing the yachts to return to Alofi Bay.

What is often taken for granted is a good shower and for the visitors who arrive on the yachts the shower facilities located at Sir Robert’s Wharf in Alofi offer a refreshing experience after many days of traveling at sea.

Keith Vial who is the Acting Commodore of the Niue Yacht Club said that they often receive positive feedback from yachties after a good shower upon arrival in Niue.

Keith Vial said that before the pandemic on one of the World Arc visits of many yachts to Niue, one crew member remarked of the shower at Alofi, “The best hair wash since Panama”.

With the funding assistance from the NTO, the shower facilities will be upgraded “This means reroofing the whole facility, upgrading the solar heating panel, and refurbishment and renewal of fittings in both units.”

The Niue Yacht Club though is unique in that it is the only yacht club in the world without a yacht or a permanent base.

Keith Vial (in his eighties) and long-time politician Terry Coe (in his seventies) are the only members but Niue is not going to be missed out on the yachting routes in the Pacific.

For these two former secondary school principals, they will make sure that someone in Niue will be here to respond to the VHF radio call from the yachts that they are about to moor at Alofi bay for that well-deserved refreshing shower, thanks to a much-needed upgrade.

The work to renovate and update the facilities will cost NZ$40,000 and is expected to start next week. 

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