Chinese billionaire Jack Ma’s day trip to the island 

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma with Quarantine official New Testament Aue

It is not often that people who visit Niue are on the Forbes list of richest people in the world, so when Chinese billionaire Jack Ma’s private plane landed at Hanan International airport yesterday, it was quite the excitement.  

It’s understood Jack Ma’s small delegation has been on a tour of the Pacific, visiting the islands over the past few weeks.

Last week he was seen in Fiji and yesterday he stopped by Niue for a couple of hours to see a few of the sights on the island. 

BCN News was told by sources that the group booked a 2-hour tour with local tour operator Explore Niue tours and travel. 

Jack Ma’s private plane at Hanan International on a short 2-hour visit of Niue

Jack Ma’s visit was quite the excitement for the few border officials who were called in, to clear the flight and it was a rare opportunity for Quarantine Official New Testament Aue to get his picture with the billionaire.

Jack Ma is the co-founder and Former Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group.

According to Forbes, Jack Ma, a former school teacher has a net worth of 23.1 billion US dollars and is the 55th on the Forbes list of richest people and the fifth richest person in China.

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