Government lifts COVID-19 pre-departure test requirement for all travellers to Niue

In a government press statement issued on Tuesday this week, the government has announced that all travellers to Niue are no longer required to carry out a covid-19 pre-departure test starting with the flight arriving tomorrow 10th February 2023. 

With the island’s current covid-19 situation, government and health officials are sure that the cases can be managed.

All travellers, after arriving in Niue, are still required to complete a self-rapid antigen test on Day 1 and on Day 3 to complete a PCR at the Niue Foou Hospital drive-through. 

All other border entry requirements such as a vaccine pass and travel insurance (for non-residents) remain in place.

All travellers are still required to submit their traveller declaration form and present a travel pass to enter Niue. This form can be found on the Niue Covid-19 website at

According to the press release, “the COVID-19 variants detected on Niue have included BA1.1, BA1.2, BA2, BA4 and BA5. Samples from positive cases identified will continue to be sent to New Zealand for genome sequencing to identify any new variants of COVID-19.”

“These changes represent important progress in our ongoing management and a cautious response to COVID-19.”

Members of the public are encouraged to practice and maintain covid-19 precautionary measures. If you are experiencing covid-like symptoms, complete a rapid antigen test (RATs). If results are positive, isolate and inform the Niue public health division immediately for further assistance.

Covid-19 update: 1 new active case detected 

After a period of having zero active cases of covid-19, Niue has recorded one new case of covid-19 according to yesterday’s latest update 8th February 2023 on the Niue covid website.  

The island has recorded a total of 748 cases of covid-19 since March 2022 last year. All cases have been considered recovered.

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