Covid-19 update: 0 new cases, 7 recovered, 25 active

The active number of covid cases on the island have risen over the past week. 

According to yesterday’s update on the Niue covid dashboard, Niue currently has a total of 25 active cases of covid-19. 

There were no new cases of covid-19 detected. Seven of the previously active cases have been deemed recovered and released from isolation.  

Last Sunday 19 February, two new cases of covid-19 were detected bringing the total at the time to 26 active covid cases on the island. 

On Monday 20 February, eight new cases were reported and three previously active cases were deemed recovered, raising the number to 31 active cases. 

On Tuesday 21 February, one new covid case was detected but no previous active cases recovered.

On Wednesday 22 February, two new cases were reported and two previously active cases recovered. Bringing the total number of active cases on the island at the time to 32. 

A total of 786 cases of covid-19 have been recorded overall since Niue reported its first index case from March 2022. 761 of the cases are classified as recovered. 

Health and government officials are continuing to advise members of the public to remain vigilant and adhere to the health and safety covid-19 protocols set in place for Niue. 

Contact the Niue public health department immediately if you have tested positive for covid-19 and remain in isolation for further instructions. More covid information can be found at

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