Tuapa Uhomotu united for their Ekalesia Kerisiano plaque unveiling ceremony 

Last Saturday, in the heart of the Tuapa Uhomotu village, the villagers and locals alike gathered together for the opening ceremony of the Tuapa Ekalesia church renovation and unveiling of the church plaque. 

The programme began with the opening of the plaque outside of the church which was conducted by Sifi Mokalei, followed by the church service led by Rev. Pazinet Viviani and the programme concluded with a feast where Nitaligi Pihigia was the MC.  

BCN News understands that the plaque is only a replica of the proper one that is yet to arrive. 

BCN News also understands that more than $80,000 was raised from the event. However, it is yet to be determined the exact total amount raised.

According to one of the villagers, it was a sunny morning with a little rain midday but it was overall a nice day with heaps of food. 

She added that there could’ve been more attendees to the event last Saturday if it were not for Niue’s current covid situation affected by the first community transmission that was detected late last month. 

The programme ended with a few performances from the village and families who arrived from overseas.

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