‘Post-Covid Patient’ medivacced to New Zealand last night

Medivac crew and Niue Foou hospital staff preparing the flight last night

A patient who was in the Covid isolation ward was last night medivacced to New Zealand.

Health officials confirmed to BCN news that the air ambulance arrived last night to transport a critically ill patient to New Zealand.

The patient had recently tested positive for covid 19.

Director General of Health and Social Services, Gaylene Tasmania said that ‘the patient is a post-covid patient.’ She said that ‘Covid can still contribute to severe illness, so it is important to continue to protect ourselves from Covid 19’. 

It’s understood the patient has an underlying health condition and was hospitalised after testing positive for Covid 19 but the case was not recorded as a hospitalised case on the government’s Covid dashboard. 

Meanwhile, the increasing numbers of community transmissions have reached a point where events are being cancelled to help control the spread.

The annual children’s Christmas Party with Santa cancelled this year to help control the spread of Covid 19 in the community.

The children’s annual pre-Christmas party with Santa planned for Friday this week has been cancelled. This is the first time in twenty-two years since the start of the event, that the popular children’s event has been cancelled.

Organisers, Des and Chris Hipa, their family and a group of business supporters of the event felt it was necessary to help control the spread.

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