Covid-19 update: 4 new cases, 7 recovered, 63 active total cases

Four new positive cases were detected yesterday with seven of the previously active cases having fully recovered and been released from isolation. 

The total number of active cases on the island at the moment recorded on the Niue covid dashboard is 63. 

Niue foou hospital continues to advise members of the public that the front entrance is closed. Due to an increasing number of covid cases, the health staff have also been affected, limiting the daily duties of the hospital provided for the general public. 

People are reminded to use the Emergency entrance found on the west side of the hospital if you are wanting to see the doctor. But to first, complete a Rapid Antigen Test that will take 15 minutes prior. 

Since March this year when the island recorded its first covid-19 case, Niue has accumulated a total of 184 cases. The total number of recovered cases is 121. 

Health and government officials continue to encourage members of the public to follow health and covid-19 precautionary measures. Complete a Rapid Antigen Test if you are experiencing any covid-like symptoms. If tested positive, contact Niue foou hospital immediately and isolate. 

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