Raising awareness on pig farming and management practices 

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) with the support of Rock Vets held a domestic pig farming seminar at the Vaipapahi Farm in Hikutavake on Tuesday this week.

Led by DAFF Livestock Officer Tom-Vaitolo Vaha and Rock Vets Specialist Dr. Bryan Gartrell along with the support of DAFF staff, more than 30 participants and local pig farmers attended the seminar this week. 

According to Tom, the seminar consisted of a theory and a practical session educating local pig farmers who attended on the important issues and factors about management practices and rearing pigs for the pig farmers on the island. 

DAFF Livestock Officer Tom-Vaitolo Vaha

“The day started with a very informative presentation by Dr. Gartrell explaining the basic management practices needed for a piggery, general discussions about pig pests and diseases, and how to take control of these issues,” says Tom. 

Following Dr. Gartrell’s presentation, was the discussions on the number of pigs produced in Niue which was led by Tom. 

The practical session included Dr. Gartrell who demonstrated how to restrain a large pig if needed for injection, inspection or general health check. He also demonstrated how to castrate a male piglet humanely. 

For the practical session, Farm Manager Mr. Brandon Tauati also demonstrated and explained about the biogas system.

Tom said “it was a great turnout for the department and also for Bryan.”

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