NZQA specialists provides support to Niue High School NCEA changes 

A team of four New Zealand Qualifications Authority specialists, better known as NZQA, arrived on the island two weeks ago on Friday 4th November 2022. 

The team included team leader Jason Kora, Numeracy and Maths specialist Karen Chow, Literacy and English specialist Catherine Floratos and NZQA Science Specialist Pru Casey. 

NZQA Team Leader Jason Kora

BCN News was able to speak with the NZQA team leader Jason Kora last Friday morning who shared the purpose of their visit to the island. 

“We’ve come to support the Niue community specifically to work with our Niue High School staff in the leadership around the NCEA changes that are currently taking place.”

“Two key focuses for this visit, one is to support the changes in NCEA literacy and numeracy. The second one is the changes in NCEA subjects at Level 1. So we’ll be working on this trip with all the staff but part of our team we’ve brought specialists for maths, english, science, health and PE will be our key sort of areas.”

BCN News also spoke with Niue High School Principal Charles Ioane who shared that the changes currently taking place are not new. The school has been working on these changes for a while now.

He told BCN News that the key reason of the NZQA team to the island is to help and support the changes they have begun to undertake and to see whether what they are doing is right and efficient. 

Charles says that next year they will be working on four changes around literacy, numeracy, english and mathematics. 

It is hoped that by 2025, all the changes will be completed by then. 

Meanwhile, the senior students of NHS across all levels from NCEA Level 1 to Level 3 are currently immersed in their NCEA exam season which began two weeks ago and will end on the 1st of December next month.

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