Covid-19 update: spike in cases, five attended Namukulu centennial and church service over the weekend

Six new cases of covid-19 were detected yesterday, raising the total number of active cases on the island to twenty. 

According to the official government website for Covid-19 information on Niue, one previously active case has been deemed recovered and two previously active cases are still identified as under investigation. 

Director-General of Health Gaylene Tasmania says that the “Day 1 testing on Saturday resulted in 3 positive cases. Isolation commenced for them immediately and close contacts were informed to isolate as well.”

“Sunday afternoon/evening 6 new cases were identified, one was a close contact of a passenger, already in isolation. The other 5 active cases identified had attended the Namukulu event on Saturday and some also attended Church on Sunday morning.”

“These people were monitoring themselves for symptoms and tested positive.”

Gaylene Tasmania told BCN News that they are expecting the number of cases to increase but also those who tested positive last week will have recovered later this week as well.

According to the Niue foou hospital, an urgent notice to the general public “if you were at the Namukulu jubilee and the church service over the weekend, please kindly monitor your symptoms for the next 5 days.

“If you experience any of the COVID-19 symptoms. Get tested. Or notify the Niue Foou Hospital immediately if you are positive and isolate at home. This notice also includes people who attended the Apostolic Church service yesterday morning.”

An urgent notice from Niue Primary School is also urging parents to have their child or children complete a RATs test before attending school if they attended the Namukulu centennial and apostolic church service last weekend. 

Meanwhile, Niue has recorded 117 cases of covid-19 since March this year. 97 of these cases have fully recovered. 

Day 3 covid testing for the passenger flight last Friday was held this morning. 

The next covid-19 update will be provided tonight at

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