Lakepa Maleloa hosts annual village showday under covid-19 alert code red

It was a gloomy day for Lakepa Maleloa’s village showday which took place last Saturday. 

A heavy downpour of rain greeted the morning as locals from outer villages gathered to the village to get their first take of food being sold from a variety of stalls. 

Foods ranged from barbeque, umu, raw fish to sushi, dumplings and cheesecakes. 

Reverend from Liku Taihia Hasini opened the day with a few words of wisdom and a blessing for the village showday. There were no further speeches. 

Due to the island being on National Covid-19 Alert Code Red, the usual set up for the day was altered to suit the conditions under the alert code red.

People of the village were given the choice to either set up their stalls on the main field or in front of their own homes which was largely the case. 

Customers and locals from outer villages were advised to pre-order for drive-through and pick up. Reason being to avoid physical and social interactions in one village setting as per alert code red on social gatherings. 

Mask-wearing was also encouraged, fist-bumping and physical distancing were also practised and seen on the day. 

The major highlights of the showday was the display of agricultural produce and the mens and womens arts and handcrafts. 

Due to the heavy downpour and gloomy weather, there was also no PA system or music entertainment provided as per usual which would usually liven the events of the day. 

The Lakepa showday concluded before midday.

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