Avid softball player strikes up interests of reviving softball on the island

Softball try-outs at Niue High School grounds with working committee | Photo credits: Softball working committee

A Softball general meeting was held last Friday inviting all who were interested in the sport to attend. 

According to an email correspondence with the secretary of the softball working committee Marina Faitala yesterday morning stated that, “Julie Faitala, an avid softball player, arranged a meeting on Friday 19th August 2022, 4.30pm at the Niue Lawn Bowls.”

Ten people attended the meeting held last Friday chaired by Clinton Chapman, says Marina. 

“The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the future of softball in Niue. This initial meeting was chaired by Clinton Chapman.”

“In order to select a softball committee, it was recommended to defer to engage more interest from the public.” 

“A working committee was established instead and this involved all in attendance at the meeting,” says Marina. 

Marina says that the feedback from the meeting was positive and promising for the revival of softball on Niue.

Marina told BCN News that the committee is still trying to organise an open day for softball before looking at a tournament.

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