Premier Tagelagi will be leaving for meeting with NZ Prime Minister and attend Forum Leaders meeting

Premier Hon. Dalton Tagelagi

In his first overseas travel since becoming the leader in June 2020, Premier Dalton Tagelagi will be leaving next week on an extended overseas trip to attend several meetings including the Forum Leaders meeting in Fiji.

But first, he will be heading to Wellington to meet with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Premier Tagelagi, who is currently in home isolation said that he will attend several key meetings on this one trip including his attendance at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

The premier along with most of his immediate family, are in isolation as close contacts because one of the five active cases from the flight on Monday is his adult daughter. 

He said that they are all well, and as close contacts, his family was tested and returned negative tests on Tuesday. 

While in Wellington, Premier Tagelagi will be joined by the Minister of Finance and the Financial Secretary and a high-level delegation from Niue to meet with New Zealand officials and PM Ardern.

Key on the agenda will be two key points that Premier Tagelagi says have always been his intentions to discuss with New Zealand PM when he became leader and that is the reaffirmation of Niue’s constitutional relationship with New Zealand and discussions on development.

As well as discussions on climate change and other concerns on regional issues.

The Niue delegation will also be meeting with Kiwibank officials and other agencies.

Premier Tagelagi says that “Everyone is to play their role. For those who wish to come back home and visit families and loved ones, please follow the procedures and rules set out. We have honoured requests for those who wished to come home or to help us and we expect them to obey the rules and guidelines in place. The onus is on everyone to be honest with officials and there will be no shortcuts”.

“Response team is working tirelessly to protect us so please have some consideration for them, especially our health team. There’s further support on the way to help them. If rules are not followed and we’re not careful, drastic measures will be enforced. Be kind to each other and look out for one another.” 

A medical team of doctors, nurses, and officials from New Zealand is expected to arrive next week to help the Niue Health department and the Niue Foou Hospital over the next few weeks.

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