The island prepares for the first quarantine-free flight from Auckland next Monday

There is still a sense of unease in the community as the island prepares for the first quarantine-free flight from Auckland due to arrive on Monday next week.

Premier Dalton Tagelagi told BCN news that the government is not expecting a full flight but he wants to assure the public that all passengers arriving will have met the all the requirements such as pre-departure testing.

All passengers on Monday next week will be issued with a Niue Travellers Pass. This pass contains a unique QR code required by each passenger to board the flight and will also be required on arrival in Niue to present to the authorities at the airport. 

On Monday, people can meet and greet their loved ones at the airport but officials caution to wear masks and social distance. 

Director-General of Health and Social Services Gaylene Tasmania said that we are moving back to pre-Covid times.

“We are effectively moving back to pre-covid times with no quarantine and families can interact. People just need to take precautions like social distancing, mask-wearing and hand washing, all the things we have been promoting throughout the past 2 years.

 If you have any symptoms, then go for a Covid test at the drive-through service at Niue Foou Hospital”.

BCN News reached out to Sir Colin Tukuitonga who in a statement said that “QFT removes some of the protection measures and there is increased risk of introducing Covid-19 into Niue given that there are several thousand new cases in NZ every day 

“However, Niue has an excellent vaccination coverage that will offer some protection. It is particularly good at reducing the likelihood of severe disease and deaths”. 

Sir Colin said that “it is very important that residents are vigilant and if there are symptoms get tested and stay home until results available”. 

DG Tasmania reminds the public that with QFT, the chances of household contacts contracting the virus is highly possible and in those cases, close contacts living in the same household will be required to isolate when tested positive.

“Household contacts will become more common if you have visiting families who test positive. That means the entire household would need to isolate”

The government’s plans include the arrival of a small medical team from New Zealand on the following flight to provide additional support for the staff of the Niue Foou hospital. 

Meanwhile, the single active case detected in home isolation on Thursday last week is still in isolation as the island remains in Alert level Yellow. The active case is being monitored by the health department. 

All travellers aged 3 years and older must provide evidence of a negative Covid-19 pre-departure test before flying to Niue. Travellers aged 16 years and above must provide proof of vaccination. 

For more information, visit the government website

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