Government leaders officially welcome eleven new permanent residents

Niue's new Permanent Residents with the Premier and Ministers

A family of seven originally from the Kingdom of Tonga were some of the eleven people granted their permanent resident’s status at a special ceremony yesterday.

Kalino Vakauta originally from Tonga told BCN News that he and his wife and their five children are very happy to be granted their PR and to contribute to the island’s population. The Vakauta family lives in the village of Tuapa.

Included in the group of new residents were people originally from American Samoa, the Philippines, Fiji, Tonga, and China.

The Director of Immigration Kim Ray Vaha congratulated the permanent residents for their decision to make Niue their home and for abiding by the laws of the country.

After ten years of living in Niue, they are now eligible to vote and to be nominated as candidates because of their status as permanent residents.

Minister of Immigration Crossley Tatui welcomed the new permanent residents handing out their certificates witnessed by their families and friends and sponsors.

It was an emotional day for the new residents as they expressed their gratitude to their sponsors.

Mrs Hannalei Sinoi Kifoto originally from American Samoa emotionally thanked her husband Iki and their children for sponsoring her to be a permanent resident.

Jopoy Solano said that when he first came to Niue, he fell in love with the island straight away saying that ‘today is a testament of my love for Niue”.

The new residents of Niue are looking forward to continuing their contributions to the development and prosperity of the island.

Premier Tagelagi and Minister Esa Mona Ainuu were also at the ceremony to witness and welcome the new permanent residents of Niue.

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