New food and beverage outlets thrive despite lack of tourists

From left to right: Ros Price, Chris Skinner and Fanamoka Ikinofo

The past two years have not been easy for many local businesses since borders were closed to tourists. 

However, there have been some newly established food and beverage businesses on the island who have clearly shown that despite all the challenges, business will thrive.

A current example is the new food outlet called Fana Cafe located at the Swanson’s complex at Fonuakula which opened earlier today. The cafe was bustling with customers as they scrambled to have a taste of the new cafe. 

The cafe is run by young couple Chris Skinner and Ros Price and is named after Mr. Skinner’s mum Fanamoka Ikinofo. 

Other recently established food and beverage businesses over the past two years include Lilo’s at Hakupu catering traditional Niue food once a fortnight, Manuiz at Alofi South offering buffet catering for large events, Bok Bok Chicken at the Commercial Centre, Lil Rock at Alofi South, and Moho Tei in Tuapa. 

Since borders were closed to tourists two years ago, none of the food and beverage businesses have closed down but a lot more have opened up. 

Whether it’s a sign of business owners’ perseverance or that food is a necessity of life can be considered to the recent rise of food and beverage businesses here in Niue. Either way business must go on for food and beverage outlets with locals being the main customers making up for the lack of tourists.

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