Former CEO Brett Collier departs Niue after ending his four years with Telecom Niue

Former Chief Executive Officer Brett Collier ended his four years with Telecom Niue last Thursday 3rd of March. 

In 2019 Mr. Collier signed a four-year contract with Telecom Niue Ltd until 2023. However, in December last year Mr.Collier resigned from his role as CEO of Telecom Niue.

During this time, BCN news spoke with Chairperson of the Telecom Niue Ltd Board Avi Rubin confirming his resignation letter stating that Mr. Collier was not able to disclose the reasons for his resignation.

In a controversial move in August last year, Mr. Collier was appointed by the Public Service Commission as Director General of the Ministry of Infrastructure but he turned it down. 

In an email to BCN news sent last Wednesday, Mr Collier said that he wished to thank his staff and the people he had worked with over the four years for their support.

Brett Collier said that without this support they could not have taken Telecom as far as it has gone.

“The last four years with Telecom Niue has been great,” says Mr. Collier. 

Some of his highlights, says Mr. Collier, include the Manatua cable , the 4G data services and the Government of Niue computer system upgrade.

In a government press release issued last Thursday, Premier Dalton Tagelagi expressed his thoughts of appreciation and gratitude for Mr. Collier and the work he has done to further the development of Telecom Niue. 

“Brett has done a great job for Telecom Niue and exceeded our expectations by not only the implementation of a complete transformation of the technology and communications infrastructure but also the additional upgrades he has been instrumental in securing. This includes the Government protective security requirements framework, the upgrade of the government ICT network and securing resources for a second fibre ring around the island. The Manatua Cable is the most significant project supported by the New Zealand government that now provides faster internet with a gold standard fibre network,” says Premier Tagelagi. 

He also acknowledged Mr. Collier’s important role in helping Niue’s COVID Response Committee in sourcing essential goods and products such as hospital beds from his extensive networks across the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia to help the people of Niue with the challenges of COVID-19 during that time.  

New Zealand High Commissioner Helen Tunnah at the Fale Fono last Thursday also paid tribute to Mr. Collier “for his leadership of the Manatua Cable, which has the potential to transform Niue’s economy and also the delivery of services such as health and education.” 

Ms. Tunnah says that “Brett has also led on protective security requirements project with the government of Niue, an important way of keeping information private and safe.”

Premier Tagelagi says that although Mr. Collier has left his role, he will still have significant input in providing consulting advice for Telecom Niue where needed until the next appointed CEO.

“It is sad to leave but I also know it is time to go,” says Mr. Collier while expressing that he’s had his “fair share of unfounded rumours thrown around” about his role and success. 

Premier Tagelagi says that although this is unfortunate, Mr. Collier “was  successful in his role and in effective positive change for the people of Niue…We wish Brett well in his future endeavours and thank him again for helping Niue be a better prepared, technologically advanced and resourced island which sets up well for the future.”

Brett Collier has left the island on yesterday’s flight to pursue his new role in New Zealand.

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