Niue High School 2021 NCEA results improve against 2020 and tracked better than the NZ national average

The NCEA 2021 results for Niue High School students showed an improvement from last year and are better than the national average for New Zealand schools.

BCN News spoke to Principal Charles Ioane who is happy with the results.

“Like previous years the school is delighted with the results. As is consistent with other years and comparing the performances to how New Zealand schools are doing as well, we are pretty happy with where we are at” says Principal Ioane.

For Level one seventy-four percent (74%) achieved or passed level one, better than the 72% from the school’s 2020 results but was slightly lower than the New Zealand national average of 77%.

For Level two, 89% of the students passed which was lower than the previous year’s pass rate of 94% but matched the New Zealand national school average of eighty-nine percent.

For Level three 93% passed which is an improvement from Niue High school’s previous year’s results with 80% pass rate and improved against New Zealand schools a national average of 71%.

While the pass rate was high for Level three, only sixty-four percent attained University Entrance (UE), which is a drop of thirty percent from the NHS 2020 results. In 2020, 94% of the Niue High School school leavers passed their University Entrance requirements.

“Our UE for this year we managed a pass rate of 64%. More than half the students can go to university. Whereas, compared to the New Zealand average, theirs was 60%. So, as the picture in previous years, we are doing ok as a school and the students are doing alright as compared to their counterparts over in New Zealand schools”, according to Principal Charles Ioane.

Overall, the Principal and staff of Niue High are pleased with the results, the results were released at the Education Department retreat on Thursday last week. The students returned to school this week.

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