Alofi, Tuapa & Avatele take out finals for the Open Mens & Open Women’s Touch Tournament 2022

The competency levels of the Alofi, Tuapa, and Avatele teams were astounding as they took out the final placings for the Open Men’s and Open Women’s Touch Tournament last Saturday.

Hosted at the Tuatea school grounds in Hakupu, the team that secured victory for the Open Women’s finals went to the Alofi Reds. In second place was Tuapa and coming in third was Tama-Ava 2. 

For the Open Men’s finals, Tuapa came in a scorching first place, following behind was Tama-Ava, and third place went to Alofi Mako 1. 

A total of 16 teams participated in the tournament; 8 teams for the Open Mens and 8 teams for the Open Womens. 

Organiser Lynsey Talagi told BCN News that it was “great to see more women teams this year. 5 last year to 8 this year”. 

She also added that on that day there were still some “ongoing issues with the number of referees”, especially when they had reached the semi-finals. 

Hoping for good weather again this Saturday, says Ms. Talagi to host the Open Mixed Touch Tournament at the Niue High School Fields. 

For the mixed tournament, the minimum number of females on the field will return to three, with the minimum age requirement of 10-years-old and over who can participate. 

Ms. Talagi says that she is “looking forward to seeing an increase in numbers of the Open Mixed tournament”.

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