Kyra Poihega wins 2021 Dux of Niue High School

The highlight of prize-giving days in any school is finding out who the recipient of the top academic prize, the school Dux will be awarded to. This year, it was no surprise that Kyra Poihega will be the 2021 Dux recipient of Niue High School.

Kyra Poihega is the 17-year-old daughter of Peta and the late David Uake Poihega has consistently topped her class since she started high school several years ago.

In her valedictorian speech, Kyra thanked her ‘two mums’ Peta and Ena Poihega (pictured with Kyra) for their support throughout her studies.

“Most people are blessed to have one mother in our lives, but I was lucky to be blessed with two, thank you both for all your love and support”.

In second place is Alexine Head from Lakepa, the 17-year-old daughter of Desiree and Hank Head.

And in third place is Dessyo Jnr Pavihi Sioneholo, the 17-year-old son of Dessyo Sioneholo and Esther Pavihi from Huihui, Alofi South.

There was some surprise good news this year for the top three academic students with the government providing prize money.

The Dux recipient Kyra Poihega received $6,000 prize money, the second placing Alexine Head received $4,000 and in third place Dessyo Jnr Pavihi-Sioneholo received $2,000.

The Dux award also has the choice of two scholarship offers, a $5,000 scholarship to the University of Otago and a full scholarship to the University of the South Pacific only if the student chooses to study there.

Kyra Poihega who interned at BCN last year will be pursuing further studies in the field of engineering.

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