Former Premier Hon. Young Vivian on a medivac flight to New Zealand this afternoon.

Another medivac flight is at Hanan International this afternoon, this time to transport former Premier Hon. Young Vivian in need of medical treatment in New Zealand.

The flight landed after 3 pm local time just before the heavy downpour this afternoon.

Former Premier Vivian will be accompanied by his son Reverend Vili Kamupala Viviani.

It’s understood the 86-year-old former premier was admitted to the hospital a few days ago.

Former Premier Vivian is usually seen at large gatherings, but he was missing from the Alofi Ekalesia celebrations over the weekend.

This will be the second medivac flight in two weeks, last week the air ambulance arrived to transport an injured 25-year-old to New Zealand accompanied by his parents. According to sources, his condition has improved.

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