30 years of the St Joseph’s Christmas Party for our Tupunas.

The Christmas party for the Tupunas celebrated 30 years this year as the organisers of the event St. Josephs parishioners hosted their annual party yesterday at the Scenic Matavai Resort.

One of the organisers Dess Hipa said the Christmas lunch for the elderly was the initiative of the late Father Glover of the Catholic church who thirty years ago hosted the first event.

Since then, the parishioners of the St. Joseph’s Catholic church have continued the event, inviting the Tupunas from around the island to a luncheon just before Christmas.

Over the years, the event has been hosted at various venues including the residence of the NZ High Commissioner at Tapeu.

MP of Alofi North Hon. Va’aiga Tukuitoga told BCN news that she has been attending this event for fifteen years. She says that as the years’ progressed some of the elderlies were just too frail to attend anymore but she believes that this is a great way to bring our tupunas together to celebrate Christmas with each other.

Dess Hipa says that the organisers are hopeful that the younger generation will continue this event because it is one way to show respect and pay tribute to the tupunas for their contributions to developing Niue.

Former MP for the village of Lakepa Kupa Magatogia was also there and said that this is a wonderful way to meet up with other tupunas on the island and extend Christmas greetings to everyone as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Congratulations to the St. Joseph parish for hosting the Christmas party for the Tupunas for thirty years and long may that tradition continue.

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