Warnings on burning fires near power boxes and in the bush during these dry conditions.

The Ministry of Infrastructure in particular the Utilities and Transport Departments are asking the 14 Village Councils to help deliver a cautionary message to the people around the island about burning in the bush or around their homes.

Yesterday the Director of Transport Sonya Talagi uploaded a picture reported from a member of the public showing a fire burning right next to a power box.

In response, the Managing Director of Niue Power Brandon Kulatea reminded the group of the hefty fines people will pay if the government utilities such as these power boxes are damaged through negligent actions like burning rubbish. He said that these fines can go as high as $1,800.

Meanwhile, Sonya Talagi said that the general message to the public is to be very careful when burning at the bush or around homes given the very dry conditions around the island now.

In addition, the public should understand that the fire appliances are being prioritised for the airport as well and not to take unnecessary risks.

“The public should understand that the fire appliances with the Fire Rescue Services are being prioritised for the airport during plane days” says Ms Talagi.

Further to that, the fire appliances have been utilised to cart water to villages around the island with water pressure problems.

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