Two Makefu families were left homeless when their homes were destroyed by fire

Two families are left homeless when their homes in the village of Makefu were completed destroyed by fire on Friday last week.

It’s understood the fire first started in the first home but quickly engulfed the neighbouring property just after midday on Friday. No one was reported injured and the government agencies are still investigating the cause of the fire.

According to government sources, three fire appliances were used to try to contain the fire, but they were not able to contain the fire.

A third neighbouring property was also affected by smoke damage but the residents have been given the all-clear to return home.

It’s understood that the Niue Police will be conducting their investigation in compliance with the 1964 Coroner’s Act and the Environment department has been asked to look into the asbestos situation as parts of these homes were built with asbestos materials.

The Rescue and Fire services are also working to complete their report of the unfortunate incident. The area is cordoned off until the government agencies have completed their investigations.

BCN news understands the two families affected are staying with their other family members at this time.

Community efforts to help the families have also started, with the two schools last week preparing care packages for the families.

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