Dr. Dean Rex is Niue’s Special Envoy to COP26

Cabinet has approved Niue’s special envoy to the conference of parties on Climate Change or COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland next month, the announcement was made at the Fono Ekepule last week.

He is Dr. Dean Richmond Rex, the Niuean paediatric surgeon working in London is the grandson of Niue’s first Premier, the late Sir Robert Richmond Rex.

Premier Dalton Tagelagi said that after deliberations in Cabinet and after consulting with officials in New Zealand given the risks with the pandemic, it was decided that appointing the Special Envoy was the best decision.

Dr. Dean Rex was approached with the invitation to be Niue’s Special Envoy to which he accepted. Dr. Rex has been working as a paediatric surgeon in London for the past 15 years and was last in Niue in September 2019 for the Pacific Medical Association conference.

Premier Tagelagi said that it has always been his intention when he became premier last year to expand Niue’s presence internationally by having representatives in other countries.

It is with these diplomatic aspirations in mind that the Cabinet is considering the establishment of a representative office with certain individuals who have approached the government from China and Japan.

When asked why Niue’s High Commissioner in Wellington Hon. Fisa Pihigia was not chosen to represent Niue, Premier Tagelagi said that it was after discussions with the New Zealand officials that it was decided because of the complications of traveling during this pandemic, and to minimise the risk of exposure to those people who are not yet vaccinated who will be at this meeting, it was best to use a Niuean already living in Britain to be Niue’s special envoy.

Premier Tagelagi said that he has every confidence that Niue’s Special Envoy Dr. Dean Rex will do very well in presenting the government’s statement on behalf of the people of Niue at this high-level meeting.

The government will not incur any financial costs on the work of the special envoy at the conference. The conference will begin on the 1st to the 12th of November in Glasgow, Scotland.

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