MP Terry Coe changed his mind and will be vaccinated with the children on Friday

Common roll member of parliament Hon. Terry Coe will be taking the vaccine with the children next Friday.

Hon. Coe was on the ‘News of the Week’ radio programme last Friday when asked if he will be vaccinated with the children as he had alluded to earlier.

“Yes, I will. I’ve changed my mind from the original one. I still don’t think I need it but for the sake of the people” says Terry Coe.

The veteran politician of nearly thirty years was one of the few locals on the island who rejected the vaccine during the roll-out in July this year when 97 percent of the eligible population of over 16 year olds were vaccinated.

Terry Coes says that there is still a lot of work to do in terms of getting our people used to the new normal of social distancing and making sure the contact tracing app Rock Safe is working well.

“I think the people need to realise that when I do have the two injections I’m still likely to get the Covid.  

I think that at the moment, people are becoming complacent and when you look around people are still going back to kissing, hugging and shaking hands and being in close contact”.

Terry Coe thinks that we are heading in the wrong direction.

“Even the Rock Safe contact tracing app is not working properly. A lot of people are not using their QR cards. Perhaps we need to have a week’s trial of the practice of wearing masks and abide by all the rules and see how we go.

Because if it (Covid 19) comes here it will be too late to start practicing. The practice run will serve as a good practical test for us all, even the children having to wear masks.  Social distance and whatnot.”

The children 12 to 15 years old will take their first Pfizer vaccine on Friday this week and will wait for six weeks until their second dose.

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