Exporting talo to Auckland during level 4 lockdown is hard but Havaka Niue is doing it for their customers

Those who enjoy Niue talo in Auckland will be happy to know that the shipment of talo and coconuts by Havaka Niue Ltd has arrived and are currently with the Ministry of Primary Industries for inspection.

Brad Etuata of Havaka Niue Ltd told BCN news how hard it is to get talo to their waiting customers in Auckland during level four lockdown.

“It is extremely hard, but the good thing about it is that we are getting the assistance from the health officials which has enabled us to uplift these containers”.

The containers are now with the Ministry of Primary Industries for their biosecurity inspections.

As soon as the inspections are done the containers will then be transported to their warehouse facility at Mt Roskill where they will begin the process of distributing the sacks of talo, coconut, and frozen fish.

Under strict guidelines people picking up their talo and coconuts are required to follow a strict process, starting first with the bulk buyers who will be allowed into the warehouse, there will be a five-minute delay before the next buyer is allowed into the warehouse.

“We have been advised that there will be someone there from the Health Ministry, not all the time but they will be every now and then”

Havaka Niue Ltd has been granted approval to deliver sacks of talo to their customers across Auckland to cater to those who are not able to get to their warehouse.

The two containers were shipped two and half weeks ago from Niue with 683 sacks of talo, 200 sacks of fresh coconuts, and a consignment of frozen wahoo fish.

Brad Etuata told BCN news that he is a bit concerned about the fresh coconuts but he is just glad that the containers have arrived and they will hopefully be delivering to their customers as soon as clearance is granted by MPI.

Etuata says that he is also grateful for the assistance from the NZ High Commission in Niue helping to understand some of the benefits with the Pacer Plus trade agreement which Niue is already party to. He says the benefits will help their customers in New Zealand with the reduced tariff for produce from Niue.

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