New electoral procedures for registered voters in MIQ facilities

In these COVID 19 pandemic times even electoral processes adapt to accommodate those in quarantine and isolation facilities, maintaining fundamental political rights to participate in elections.

The Chief Electoral officer Darren Tohovaka this afternoon send notice of this new procedure which is set out for registered voters in MIQ facilities who wish to file their candidate nominations.

The procedure is set out below and will require the Chief Electoral Officer and his Deputy to be at the MIQ premises to witness the signed nomination forms before making a determination on the said nomination.

  1. The 2 Voters nominating the candidate must obtain and fill in the candidate nomination form
  2. These voters must then take the Candidate Nomination to the Chief Electoral Officer to confirm that the voters and candidate meet all voter and nomination requirements – that the nominating voters are eligible to vote in that village and can therefore nominate candidates and that the candidate is eligible to be nominated
  3. Once completed and confirmed the voter must take that nomination form to the candidate at their isolation place
  4. The candidate must sign the consent form and therefore agree to his or her name to be nominated for election at these elections
  5. The candidate must inform the Chief Electoral Officer of their intention to file their candidate nomination form before 10.00am on Wednesday 11 August 2021 – please provide phone or email contact details – Contact details for the Chief Electoral Officer are Phone 4125 or 4127 email
  6. The Chief Electoral Officer will set a time for him or his Deputy to come out to the isolation place to get physical confirmation and take a photograph of the Candidate Nomination Form for the records – notification will be made directly to the candidate
  7. The Chief Electoral Officer or his Deputy will inform the candidate whether the Nomination is accepted or rejected.

The village council elections will take place on Friday 27th August.

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