MP Richard Hipa medivacced to New Zealand this morning.

A medical emergency yesterday warranted a medical evacuation to New Zealand this morning. The patient needing urgent medical care is Common Roll member of parliament Richard Hipa.

At 10 minutes to 10 am this morning the Royal New Zealand Air Force Hercules aircraft arrived to transport Mr. Hipa to New Zealand.

Families and friends gathered at the hospital yesterday evening and this morning at the airport to support the Hipa family.

There were emotional scenes at the airport as his granddaughter Peyson tried to peer into the ambulance waiting at the gates to drive onto the tarmac.

With her uncle’s help, Peyson was able to reach the window of the ambulance to see her grandpa just before they drove through the gates taking him to the waiting Hercules.

In a quick thirty-minute turn-around, the Hercules departed Niue at twenty minutes past ten this morning.

Richard Hipa was accompanied by his wife Mokahega and their youngest daughter Monu.

In half-hour turn around Hercules departed at 20 past 10 this morning.

This will be the second medivac from Niue requiring the assistance of the Hercules this year.

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