Ammunition for sale but only until end of June; no mention of a shooting season.

Last week Cabinet approved the sale of ammunition for this month only and only available to those firearm owners who have paid their annual gun registrations.

Purchases are also limited to four packets of ammo per licensed firearm owner. The Police in response to questions from BCN news said that this Cabinet approval was only for the sale of ammunition and nothing in relation to the shooting of the lupe and peka (fruit pigeons and bats).

They also confirmed that the ammunition for sale have been in storage for around four years since they were purchased and that the government is keen to recover the monies used to purchase this stock. According to the Police, approximately half the stock is available for sale for $50 per packet of 25 shells.

The Niue Police wish to remind all of those who have not yet paid for their annual firearms registration to register their firearms and all registered firearms must be inspected by a Constable.

The decision to open the sale of ammunition was released via a Police media statement announcing that the Cabinet had approved the sale of ammunition starting from 1 June through to the end of the month 30 June.

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