Scenic Matavai Resort receives $1 million directly from NZ government

The Scenic Matavai Resort will receive $1 million dollars from the New Zealand government directly under the administration of the Board of Directors.

According to the Premier Dalton Tagelagi, this money is to help the flagship resort get things ready for when the borders open up allowing tourists back to the island, however some Scenic Matavai staff had expressed concerns about their reduced hours and not knowing what is happening.

It’s understood that the former General Manager Matthew Brettel had already left the island last month and an interim manager is expected to take over until a new manager is appointed.

Premier Tagelagi told BCN news that it is unfortunate what is happening to the Scenic Matavai staff and asking to bear with the government as they try to get things moving again.

The premier says that he is also another member on the Resorts Board of Directors, and that he will take these concerns to the next Board meeting.

“Before we open to the tourists it’s going to take a fair bit of financial to address that. It’s unfortunate for the employees but they’re no different to any of the private sector businesses, they’re finding it tough. And we’re trying our best at the moment to help them”.

Some staff of Scenic Matavai are very concerned at their reduced hours with some working less than 25 hours a week.

They contacted BCN news last week saying that sometimes their pay in hand is around $150 per week which is not enough to cover their family costs and the many village and church commitments.

Meanwhile the $1 million from the NZ government is expected to start getting the resort up and ready for when two-way quarantine free travel will commence later in the year.

Premier Tagelagi is asking the staff to hang in there because he and the government are working very hard to get things in place such as pushing for the vaccine roll out so that we can begin working back to normal.

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