No airmail and air freight issues frustrate local mechanics

Issues of delayed air freight are not new especially since the COVID 19 pandemic but the mechanics on the island are frustrated over the lengthy delays in receiving their air freight orders.

Two of these mechanics contacted BCN news to raise their concerns saying that since the beginning of last year, they have noticed longer delays for their air freighted car parts and this has impacted on their work and further delays for their customers.

The local mechanics like Terry Coe are saying that with the fewer passengers on fortnightly flights, this should mean plenty of space for air freight.

BCN news contacted Air New Zealand agent, Peleni’s Travel with officials saying that in-coming freight is handled at the Auckland end.

It is up to the freight handler to ensure their cargo reaches the Air NZ freight depot in good time especially for such things as car parts, because of the strict screening process involved.

If the parts are delivered late then the screening process will not be rushed because car parts especially need to be inspected thoroughly.

Mr. Coe says that he normally uses the NZ post to bring up parts for his mechanical shop but other mechanics use freight forwarders.

Niue Post has also confirmed that they have not received any air mail in the last two flights. According to Niue Post, they have contacted their counterparts New Zealand Post which handles Niue post from NZ to find out what happened to the airmail in the last two flights.

New Zealand Post was unaware that the airmail to Niue was offloaded from the last two Air NZ flights.

BCN news is awaiting response from Air New Zealand about the freight and mail issues.

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