New generator is ready for commission: Niue Power hopes it will help avoid frequent power outages

On Friday last week problems with the very low voltage to the power generators caused the primary engine to shut down forcing a power outage to most of the island just before 5pm. The technicians at Niue Power worked through the night until the power was restored to the island at 3am on Saturday morning.

Andre Siohane the Director-General of the Ministry of Infrastructure said that while the technicians at the power station were trying to remedy the situation one of the fuel lines burst which added to the problem. The issues were further exacerbated by the overcast cloudy weather limiting the solar power production capacity to charge the Telsa Battery system.

Siohane said that in order to safeguard the Tesla battery system, it was decided to reduce the island load by shutting down 80% of the national grid. Forcing power outage to the whole island except for Kaimiti to the Hospital and Tuila to Central Alofi.

Siohane says that at the moment they are still operating on the two generators because the third new generator has yet to be commissioned for use.

He told BCN news that an engineer from Terra Cat will be traveling to Niue on the next flight 18th May and all is confirmed to commission the new third engine. The engineer will also check on the voltage issues and work on the Power smart integration system.

Going forward the Ministry of Infrastructure and Niue power are asking the public to please continue to conserve energy.

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